This extension defines a feature, LV2_Extension_Data_Feature, which provides access to LV2_Descriptor::extension_data() for plugin UIs or other potentially remote users of a plugin.

Note that the use of this extension by UIs violates the important principle of UI/plugin separation, and is potentially a source of many problems. Accordingly, use of this extension is highly discouraged, and plugins should not expect hosts to support it, since it is often impossible to do so.

To support this feature the host must pass an LV2_Feature struct to the instantiate method with URI LV2_DATA_ACCESS_URI and data pointed to an instance of LV2_Extension_Data_Feature.




Version 2.0 (2014-08-08)
  • Add lv2_atom_forge_is_object_type() and lv2_atom_forge_is_blank() to ease backwards compatibility.
  • Deprecate Blank and Resource in favour of just Object.
  • Add lv2_atom_forge_key() for terser object writing.
  • Add lv2_atom_sequence_clear() and lv2_atom_sequence_append_event() helper functions.
Version 1.8 (2014-01-04)
  • Make lv2_atom_*_is_end() arguments const.
Version 1.6 (2013-05-26)
  • Fix crash in forge.h when pushing atoms to a full buffer.
Version 1.4 (2013-01-27)
  • Fix lv2_atom_sequence_end().
  • Remove atom:stringType in favour of owl:onDatatype so generic tools can understand and validate atom literals.
  • Improve atom documentation.
Version 1.2 (2012-12-21)
  • Fix typo in bufsz:sequenceSize label.
Version 1.0 (2012-10-14)
  • Initial release.
Version 1.6 (2012-04-17)
  • Merge with unified LV2 package.
Version 1.4 (2011-11-21)
  • Improve documentation.
  • Update packaging.
Version 1.2 (2011-05-26)
  • Switch to ISC license.
  • Add build system for installation.
Version 1.0 (2010-10-04)
  • Initial release.