This vocabulary describes a format for presets (i.e. named sets of control values and possibly other state) for LV2 plugins. The structure of a pset:Preset is deliberately identical to that of an lv2:Plugin, and can be thought of as a plugin template or overlay.

Presets may be defined in any bundle, including the plugin's bundle, separate third party preset bundles, or user preset bundles saved by hosts. Since preset data tends to be large, it is recommended that plugins describe presets in a separate file(s) to avoid slowing down hosts. The manifest.ttl of a bundle containing presets should list the presets like so:

    a             pset:Preset ;
    lv2:appliesTo eg:myplugin ;
    rdfs:seeAlso  <mypreset.ttl> .




Class pset:Bank


A bank of presets.

Restriction on rdfs:label
owl:someValuesFrom xsd:string
A Bank MUST have at least one string rdfs:label.
In range ofpset:bank

Class pset:Preset


A Preset for an LV2 Plugin. The structure of a Preset deliberately mirrors that of a plugin, so existing predicates can be used to describe any data associated with the preset. For example:

@prefix eg: <> .

    a pset:Preset ;
    rdfs:label "One louder" ;
    lv2:appliesTo eg:myplugin ;
    lv2:port [
        lv2:symbol "volume1" ;
        pset:value 11.0
    ] , [
        lv2:symbol "volume2" ;
        pset:value 11.0
    ] .

A Preset SHOULD have at least one lv2:appliesTo property. Each Port on a Preset MUST have at least a lv2:symbol property and a pset:value property.

Hosts SHOULD save user presets to a bundle in the user-local LV2 directory (e.g. ~/.lv2) with a name like <Plugin_Name>_<Preset_Name>.preset.lv2 (e.g. LV2_Amp_At_Eleven.preset.lv2), where names are transformed to be valid LV2 symbols for maximum compatibility.

Sub-class oflv2:PluginBase
Restriction on rdfs:label
owl:someValuesFrom xsd:string
A Preset MUST have at least one string rdfs:label.
In domain ofpset:bank
In range ofpset:preset

Property pset:bank


The bank this preset belongs to.


Property pset:preset


Specifies the preset currently applied to a plugin instance. This property may be useful for saving state, or notifying a plugin instance at run-time about a preset change.


Property pset:value


Specifies the value of a Port on some Preset. This property is used in a similar way to e.g. lv2:default.



Version 2.8 (2012-10-14)
  • Add preset banks.
  • Use consistent label style.
Version 2.6 (2012-04-17)
  • Remove pset:appliesTo property, use lv2:appliesTo instead.
  • Merge with unified LV2 package.
  • Add pset:preset property for describing the preset currently applied to a plugin instance.
Version 2.2 (2011-11-21)
  • Update packaging.
  • Improve documentation.
Version 2.0 (2010-10-04)
  • Initial release.