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-LV2 is a standard for plugins and matching host applications, primarily
-targeted at audio processing and generation.
+LV2 gives programmers the ability to write audio processors (or "plugins") in
+C/C++ which can be dynamically loaded into a range of applications (or
-LV2 is a successor to LADSPA, created to address the limitations of LADSPA
-which many applications have outgrown. Compared to LADSPA, all plugin data
-is moved from the code to a separate data file, and the code has been made as
-generic as possible. As a result, LV2 can be independently extended
-(retaining compatibility wherever possible), and virtually any feasible
-plugin features can be implemented in an LV2 plugin.
+This core specification is deliberately as short and simple as possible, but is
+designed so that extensions can be defined to add more advanced features.
More information about LV2 can be found at <http://lv2plug.in>.
-This package is the "core" LV2 specification in usual source package form.
-The major version of this package refers to the LV2 specification revision
-contained, while the minor version refers only to this package.
-Application authors aren't required to depend on this package (including lv2.h
-in source distributions is acceptable) but any system with LV2 plugins should
-have the LV2 bundle contained in this package installed somewhere in the LV2
-path (it contains plugin classes and other useful information).
-Please see README file for installation instructions (this package doesn't
-really fit into the usual 'library', 'program', etc. categories).
-Distributions are encouraged to include this package.
+Applications that use LV2 plugins should depend on this package. It includes a
+header, pkg-config file, and lv2config (a header installation utility required
+to compile against LV2 core and/or extensions). To compile against LV2, build
+scripts can check for the pkg-config package "lv2core", or simply check for the
+header "lv2/lv2plug.in/ns/lv2core/lv2.h".
+Please package these components in a single package (e.g. do not split the
+headers, data, and program into separate packages). This package, in its
+entirety, is a build and run time dependency of any code that uses LV2.
+Distributions are encouraged to include it with package name "lv2core". Note
+that lv2config must be run after installation of any LV2 specifications,
+including this one.
-- David Robillard <d@drobilla.net>