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Add OWL types.
Fix lv2:minimum, lv2:maximum, and lv2:minimum (definition did not match the reality of their usage) (Spec bug found with Pellet). Move project description metadata to manifest. Remove invalid (non-DL) OWL restrictions, and use of Turtle collection syntax (there is at least one broken implementation in the wild that fails to parse this). LV2 is now almost, but not quite, a valid OWL DL Ontology.
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* Move lv2:AmplifierPlugin under lv2:DynamicsPlugin
* Loosen domain restriction of lv2:optionalFeature and lv2:requiredFeature
(to allow re-use in extensions)
+ * Fix definition of lv2:minimum etc. (used for values, not scale points)
+ * More precisely define properties with OWL
+ * Move project metadata to manifest
-- David Robillard <d@drobilla.net> UNRELEASED