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a lv2:Feature ,
lv2:Specification ;
+ rdfs:label "data access" ;
+ rdfs:comment "A feature that provides access to plugin extension data." ;
rdfs:seeAlso <data-access.h> ,
- <data-access.meta.ttl> ;
- lv2:documentation """
-<p>This extension defines a feature, LV2_Extension_Data_Feature, which provides
-access to LV2_Descriptor::extension_data() for plugin UIs or other potentially
-remote users of a plugin.</p>
-<p>Note that the use of this extension by UIs violates the important principle
-of UI/plugin separation, and is potentially a source of many problems.
-Accordingly, <strong>use of this extension is highly discouraged</strong>, and
-plugins should not expect hosts to support it, since it is often impossible to
-do so.</p>
-<p>To support this feature the host must pass an LV2_Feature struct to the
-instantiate method with URI LV2_DATA_ACCESS_URI and data pointed to an instance
-of LV2_Extension_Data_Feature.</p>
-""" .
+ <data-access.meta.ttl> .