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Remove state:Path and use new atom:Path instead.
Remove suggestion to use file URIs in plugins, which is much too tedious. If plugins use standard atom types, hosts should be able to map paths in any way (which they may need to regardless). Unfortunately it's slightly less pretty in Turtle to have a special path type rather than a (possibly relative) URI. Factor out common write_set_filename_msg in sampler example. Establish common URI define convention LV2_EXTNAME__URILOCALNAME and define all URIs in state, message, and atom.
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@@ -218,22 +218,28 @@ void set_to_turtle_string(LV2_Atom_Literal* lit, const char* ttl) {
""" .
+ a rdfs:Class ;
+ rdfs:subClassOf atom:String ;
+ rdfs:label "File path string" ;
+ lv2:documentation """
+<p>A local file path string. This is identical in format to atom:String,
+except the string is a path. Since the ability to distinguish paths from plain
+strings is often necessary, paths MUST NOT be transmitted as atom:String.</p>
+""" .
a rdfs:Class ;
rdfs:subClassOf atom:String ;
rdfs:label "URI string" ;
lv2:documentation """
<p>A URI string. This is identical in format to atom:String, except the string
-is a URI. This is occasionally useful when a URI is needed but mapping it is
-inappropriate. URIs should never be expressed as atom:String, because this
-makes it impossible to distinguish URIs from arbitrary strings, which makes
-functionality like mapping or rewriting URIs impossible. Similarly, there is
-deliberately no atom type for filesystem paths. To refer to a filename, use a
-complete file URI, with hostname if at all possible. This allows hosts to
-properly handle paths in situations like serialisation or network
-<p>Pedantically, this is an <q>IRI</q>, since UTF-8 characters are allowed.</p>
+is a URI. This is useful when a URI is needed but mapping is inappropriate.
+Since the ability to distinguish URIs from plain strings is often necessary,
+URIs MUST NOT be transmitted as atom:String.</p>
+<p>This is not strictly a URI, since UTF-8 is allowed. Escaping and related
+issues issues are the host's responsibility.</p>
""" .