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Write description for worker extension.
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doap:name "LV2 Worker" ;
doap:shortdesc "Support for a non-realtime plugin worker method." ;
lv2:documentation """
+<p>This extension allows plugins to have a non-realtime worker method, with
+thread sychronisation and communication issues handled by the host. This
+allows plugins to perform non-realtime actions (such as loading files) using a
+simple and portable API without having to worry about the complexities of
+<p>Because the worker thread is implemented by the host, many plugins can share
+the same thread and communication buffers, which reduces bloat and fixed
+per-plugin buffer size limitations. The host has the power to implement
+threads in a suitable way, while plugins are simpler and thus less
+<p>This interface is designed to gracefully handle single-threaded synchronous
+execution, in which case the host may simply run all work immediately. This
+makes it possible for the same plugin code to work with sample accuracy for
+offline rendering, or in real-time with non-real-time work taking place in a
+separate thread.</p>
""" .
a rdfs:Class ;
rdfs:subClassOf lv2:ExtensionData ;
lv2:documentation """
-<p>A structure (LV2_Worker_Interface) which contains the worker method to be
-called by the host. In order to support this extension, the plugin must return
-a valid LV2_Worker_Interface from LV2_Descriptor::extension_data() when it is
-called with URI LV2_WORKER__Interface.</p>
+<p>The interface provided by the plugin to implement a worker. To implement
+this extension, the plugin must return a valid LV2_Worker_Interface from
+LV2_Descriptor::extension_data() when it is called with URI
<p>The plugin data file should describe this like so:</p>
<pre class="turtle-code">