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-This software requires only Python to build. The build system, based on waf,
-is included in this source distribution.
-This package contains everything necessary to compile against and/or use LV2
-plugins and extensions: a header file, pkg-config file, and LV2 bundle (with
-Turtle files).
-The configure option --bundle-only can be used to install only the lv2core.lv2
-bundle. This is useful for installing the bundle to a project-specific or
-user-specific location (e.g. ~/.lv2).
-See README for details on how to correctly package LV2, and how to depend on
-LV2 in other projects.
-Generic Waf Instructions
-As with most build systems, building and installing a project with waf is done
-in three separate stages:
- 1. ./waf configure [OPTIONS]
- 2. ./waf build
- 3. ./waf install
-The default command is build. For example:
- ./waf configure --prefix=/some/where
- ./waf -j2
- sudo ./waf install
-The environment variable DESTDIR can be used to add a prefix to all install
-paths (useful for packaging), for example:
- DESTDIR=./lv2core.pkg ./waf install
-Run './waf --help' for detailed option information.