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Fix state:StateChanged URI in metadata and documentation
This was a mistake, and it's arguable which URI was correct before. It was supposed to be "StateChanged" since the name of URIs should stand alone (ignoring the conventional prefix, even though this has been screwed up in several places in the past). Normally, the specification in Turtle is considered canonical for URIs, but in this case, the URI defined in the corresponding header used "StateChanged" (both in name and value), as did all the news. Really everything except the subject in the metadata. So, consider this a documentation bug, and fix the URI in the spec/documentation to match the implemented one.
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@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ state:freePath
rdfs:label "free path" ;
rdfs:comment "A feature for freeing paths allocated by the host." .
a rdfs:Class ;
- rdfs:label "Changed" ;
+ rdfs:label "State Changed" ;
rdfs:comment "A notification that the internal state of the plugin has changed." .