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Move documentation to metadata files and convert it to Markdown
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a lv2:Feature ,
lv2:Specification ;
owl:deprecated true ;
+ rdfs:label "LV2 URI Map" ;
+ rdfs:comment "A feature for mapping URIs to integers." ;
rdfs:seeAlso <uri-map.h> ,
- <uri-map.meta.ttl> ;
- lv2:documentation """
-<p><span class="warning">This extension is deprecated.</span> New
-implementations should use <a href="urid.html">LV2 URID</a>
-<p>This extension defines a simple mechanism for plugins to map URIs to
-integers, usually for performance reasons (e.g. processing events typed by URIs
-in real time). The expected use case is for plugins to map URIs to integers
-for things they 'understand' at instantiation time, and store those values for
-use in the audio thread without doing any string comparison. This allows the
-extensibility of RDF with the performance of integers (or centrally defined
-""" .
+ <uri-map.meta.ttl> .