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+= Programming LV2 Plugins =
+David Robillard <d@drobilla.net>
+:Author Initials: DER
+:website: http://lv2plug.in/
+:doctype: book
+== Introduction ==
+This is a series of well-documented example plugins that demonstrate the various features of LV2.
+Starting with the most basic plugin possible,
+each adds new functionality and explains the features used from a high level perspective.
+API and vocabulary reference documentation explains details,
+but not the ``big picture''.
+This book is intended to complement the reference documentation by providing good reference implementations of plugins,
+while also conveying a higher-level understanding of LV2.
+The chapters/plugins are arranged so that each builds incrementally on its predecessor.
+Reading this book front to back is a good way to become familiar with modern LV2 programming.
+The reader is expected to be familiar with C, but otherwise no special knowledge is required;
+the first plugin describes the basics in detail.
+This book is compiled from plugin source code into a single document for pleasant reading and ease of reference.
+Each chapter corresponds to executable plugin code which can be found in the +plugins+ directory of the LV2 distribution.
+If you prefer to read actual source code, all the content here is also available there, where the book text is included in comments.