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== Simple Oscilloscope ==
-This plugin displays the wave-form of an incoming audio-signal using a simple
+This plugin displays the waveform of an incoming audio signal using a simple
GTK+Cairo GUI.
This plugin illustrates:
-- UI <==> Plugin communication via LV2 atom events
-- LV2 Atom vector usage and resize-port extension
+- UI <==> Plugin communication via http://lv2plug.in/ns/ext/atom/[LV2 Atom] events
+- Atom vector usage and resize-port extension
- Save/Restore UI state by communicating state to backend
+- Saving simple key/value state via the http://lv2plug.in/ns/ext/state/[LV2 State] extension
- Cairo drawing and partial exposure
This plugin intends to outline the basics for building visualization plugins
-that rely on Atom communication. The UI looks likean oscilloscope, but is not a real oscilloscope implementation:
+that rely on atom communication. The UI looks like an oscilloscope, but is not
+a real oscilloscope implementation:
- There is no display synchronisation, results will depend on LV2 host.
- It displays raw audio samples, which a proper scope must not do.