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diff --git a/extras/buildcopy.py b/extras/buildcopy.py
index a6d9ac8..eaff7e6 100644
--- a/extras/buildcopy.py
+++ b/extras/buildcopy.py
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Examples::
import os, shutil
-from waflib import Errors, Task, TaskGen, Utils, Node
+from waflib import Errors, Task, TaskGen, Utils, Node, Logs
@@ -58,10 +58,13 @@ def make_buildcopy(self):
raise Errors.WafError('buildcopy: File not found in src: %s'%os.path.join(*lst))
nodes = [ to_src_nodes(n) for n in getattr(self, 'buildcopy_source', getattr(self, 'source', [])) ]
+ if not nodes:
+ Logs.warn('buildcopy: No source files provided to buildcopy in %s (set `buildcopy_source` or `source`)',
+ self)
+ return
node_pairs = [(n, n.get_bld()) for n in nodes]
self.create_task('buildcopy', [n[0] for n in node_pairs], [n[1] for n in node_pairs], node_pairs=node_pairs)
class buildcopy(Task.Task):
Copy for each pair `n` in `node_pairs`: n[0] -> n[1].