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@@ -20,10 +20,10 @@ messages with an API much like the standard C printf functions. This allows,
for example, plugin logs to be nicely presented to the user in a graphical user
-<p>Different log <q>levels</q> (e.g. <q>error</q> or <q>information</q>) are
-defined by URI and passed as an LV2_URID. Thus, the possible number of log
-levels is unlimited, but implementations SHOULD use the levels defined in this
-extension unless they have a special reason to do otherwise.</p>
+<p>Different log levels (e.g. <q>error</q> or <q>information</q>) are defined
+by URI and passed as an LV2_URID. This document defines the typical levels
+which should be sufficient, but implementations may define and use additional
+levels to suit their needs.</p>
""" .