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@@ -780,6 +780,11 @@ lv2:enumeration
rdfs:label "enumeration" ;
rdfs:comment """Indicates that a port's only reasonable values are the scale points defined for that port. A host SHOULD NOT allow a user to set the value of such a port to anything other than a scale point. However, a plugin MUST operate reasonably even if such a port has an input that is not a scale point, preferably by simply choosing the largest enumeration value less than or equal to the actual input value (i.e. round the input value down).""" .
+ a lv2:PortProperty ;
+ rdfs:label "is side-chain" ;
+ rdfs:comment """Indicates that a port is a "sidechain", which affects the output somehow but should not be considered a main input. Sidechain ports should be connectionOptional, and may be ignored by hosts.""" .
a rdfs:Class ,
owl:Class ;