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+== Simple Amplifier ==
+This plugin is a simple example of a basic LV2 plugin with no additional features.
+It has audio ports which contain an array of `float`,
+and a control port which contain a single `float`.
+LV2 plugins are defined in two parts: code and data.
+The code is written in C, or any C compatible language such as C++.
+Static data is described separately in the human and machine friendly http://www.w3.org/TeamSubmission/turtle/[Turtle] syntax.
+Turtle is a syntax for the RDF data model,
+but familiarity with RDF is not required to understand this documentation.
+Generally, code is kept minimal,
+and all static information is described in the data.
+There are several advantages to this approach:
+ * Hosts can discover and inspect plugins without loading or executing any plugin code
+ * It is simple to work with plugin data using scripting languages, command line tools, etc.
+ * The standard format allow the use of existing vocabularies to describe plugins and related information
+ * The data inherently integrates with the web, databases, etc.
+ * Labels and documentation are translatable, and available to hosts for display in user interfaces