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LV2 is an extensible standard for audio plugins, similar in scope to LADSPA, VST, AU, and others. LV2 is a stable interface used by hundreds of plugins and many projects, but also a living project that evolves to suit the needs of increasingly powerful audio software. Why LV2?


  • Audio, control, "control voltage" (audio-rate control), and event (e.g. MIDI) input and output
  • Expressive metadata, including:
    • "Meaningful" controls (e.g. gain or envelope attack) allowing intelligent host control or UI generation
    • Control units (e.g. Hz, octaves, dB)
    • Multi-channel port groups (e.g. stereo, 5.1 surround, ambisonics)
  • Decentralized extensibility: any developer can implement (almost) any feature within LV2
  • Graceful compatibility: new/advanced features can be optional
  • Embeddable GUIs in any toolkit, with network transparency for controlling remote plugins
  • Plugin "bundles" may include any files, such as samples
  • Presets (bundled and/or user saved)
  • Plugin state saving and restoring
  • Host-managed logging
  • Non-realtime plugin worker methods (simple and portable host-managed threading)
  • Message-based plugin communication, for advanced plugin control from UIs or other code
  • Transport awareness, both real time and tempo time (bars, beats, etc.)




Development and Discussion

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