Name Description Version Status
atomA generic value container and several data types.1.8Stable
buf-sizeAccess to, and restrictions on, buffer sizes.1.2Stable
data-accessProvides access to LV2_Descriptor::extension_data().1.6Stable
dynmanifestSupport for dynamic data generation.1.6Stable
eventA port-based real-time generic event interface.1.10Deprecated
instance-accessProvides access to the LV2_Handle of a plugin.1.6Stable
logA feature for writing log messages.2.2Stable
lv2coreAn audio plugin interface specification.12.0Stable
midiA normalised definition of raw MIDI.1.8Stable
morphPorts that can dynamically change type.1.0Stable
optionsInstantiation time options.1.2Stable
parametersCommon parameters for audio processing.1.2Stable
patchMessages for accessing and manipulating properties.2.0Stable
port-groupsMulti-channel groups of LV2 ports.1.2Stable
port-propsVarious port properties.1.2Stable
presetsPresets for LV2 plugins. 2.8Stable
resize-portDynamically sized LV2 port buffers.1.0Stable
stateAn interface for LV2 plugins to save and restore state.2.0Stable
timeProperties for describing time.1.2Stable
uiGeneric UI interface for LV2 plugins.2.16Stable
unitsUnits for LV2 values.5.8Stable
uri-mapA feature for mapping URIs to integers.1.6Deprecated
uridFeatures for mapping URIs to and from integers.1.4Stable
workerSupport for a non-realtime plugin worker method.1.0Stable