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diff --git a/lv2/dynmanifest/dynmanifest.h b/lv2/dynmanifest/dynmanifest.h
index a15eaf4..289a96f 100644
--- a/lv2/dynmanifest/dynmanifest.h
+++ b/lv2/dynmanifest/dynmanifest.h
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ int lv2_dyn_manifest_open(LV2_Dyn_Manifest_Handle * handle,
example, if the plugin library exposes a regular LV2 plugin, it should
output only a triple like the following:
- <http://www.example.com/plugin/uri> a lv2:Plugin .
+ <http://example.org/plugin> a lv2:Plugin .
The objects that are elegible for exposure are those that would need to be
represented by a subject node in a static manifest.
@@ -99,11 +99,11 @@ int lv2_dyn_manifest_get_subjects(LV2_Dyn_Manifest_Handle handle,
The dynamic manifest generator has to fill the resource with data related to
object represented by the given URI. For example, if the library exposes a
regular LV2 plugin whose URI, as retrieved by the host using
- lv2_dyn_manifest_get_subjects() is http://www.example.com/plugin/uri, it
+ lv2_dyn_manifest_get_subjects() is http://example.org/plugin then it
should output something like:
- <http://www.example.com/plugin/uri>
+ <http://example.org/plugin>
a lv2:Plugin ;
doap:name "My Plugin" ;
lv2:binary <mylib.so> ;