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@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ PROJECT_NUMBER = @LV2_VERSION@
# for a project that appears at the top of each page and should give viewer a
# quick idea about the purpose of the project. Keep the description short.
+PROJECT_BRIEF = "An open and extensible audio plugin standard"
# With the PROJECT_LOGO tag one can specify a logo or an icon that is included
# in the documentation. The maximum height of the logo should not exceed 55
@@ -715,7 +715,7 @@ FILE_VERSION_FILTER =
# DoxygenLayout.xml, doxygen will parse it automatically even if the LAYOUT_FILE
# tag is left empty.
-LAYOUT_FILE = @LV2_SRCDIR@/doc/DoxygenLayout.xml
# The CITE_BIB_FILES tag can be used to specify one or more bib files containing
# the reference definitions. This must be a list of .bib files. The .bib
@@ -1146,7 +1146,7 @@ HTML_HEADER = @LV2_SRCDIR@/doc/header.html
# that doxygen normally uses.
# This tag requires that the tag GENERATE_HTML is set to YES.
+HTML_FOOTER = @LV2_SRCDIR@/doc/footer.html
# The HTML_STYLESHEET tag can be used to specify a user-defined cascading style
# sheet that is used by each HTML page. It can be used to fine-tune the look of