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@@ -86,6 +86,22 @@ once, that is, the minimum <code>sample_count</code> parameter that will ever
be passed to LV2_Descriptor::run().</p>
""" .
+ a rdf:Property ,
+ owl:DatatypeProperty ,
+ opts:Option ;
+ rdfs:label "nominal block length" ;
+ rdfs:range xsd:nonNegativeInteger ;
+ lv2:documentation """
+<p>The typical block length the host will request the plugin to process at
+once, once, that is, the typical <code>sample_count</code> parameter that will
+be passed to LV2_Descriptor::run(). This will usually be equivalent, or close
+to, the maximum block length, but there are no strong guarantees about this
+value whatsoever. Plugins may use this length for optimization purposes, but
+MUST NOT assume the host will always process blocks of this length. In
+particular, the host MAY process longer blocks.</p>
+""" .
a rdf:Property ,
owl:DatatypeProperty ,