This page is a partial list of LV2 projects. If you know of any that are not listed here, please let us know or send a patch.

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Project Description
amSynth Virtual analog synthesizer.
cellular automaton synth Additive synth from Infamous Plugins.
EMap FluidSynth soundfont playing synth.
foo-yc20 Faithful emulation of the YC-20 divide-down combo organ.
lv2-mdaMetaPiano Native LV2 port of the famous mdaEPiano and mdaPiano VSTi.
minaton Fat sounding mono subtractive software synthesizer.
Newtonator Synth that produces some unpredictable sounds.
Russolo Suite The CrazySynth synthesizer and the "the do-it-all effect" Omnifono.
setBfree B3 organ emulator including Leslie.
So-synth-LV2 Unofficial LV2 ports of 50m30n3's synthesizers.
Sorcer Sorcer, a wavetable synth for dirty dubstep basslines by OpenAV.
SynthV1 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer with stereo FX.
Zyn LV2 port of Zynaddsubfx.


Project Description
Composite Sampler MIDI-controllable sampler.
DrMr Sampler Sampler that can load Hydrogen drumkits.
Fabla Drum sampler with envelope and compressor by OpenAV.
SamplV1 Polyphonic sampler/synthesizer with stereo FX.


Project Description
abGate Noise gate.
ArtyFX A suite of effects for mixing and live performance by OpenAV.
Aubio-LV2 LV2 wrappers for some of the Aubio library
avw.lv2 An LV2 port of internal modules of AlsaModularSynth
Calf Various plugins, including flanger, organ, reverb, filters, rotary speaker, etc.
Distro Open-source project that provides Cross-Platform Audio Plugins.
EQ10Q Powerful and flexible parametric equalizer.
Fomp Port of various high-quality plugins by Fons Adriaensen.
Guitarix Various effect and tube emulation amplifier plugins.
Infamous Plugins Collection of open source plugins for live use or in recording.
Invada Studio Delays, distortions, filters, phasers, reverbs, and some utility plugins.
IR No-latency/low-latency, realtime, high performance signal convolver.
kn0ck0ut-LV2 LV2 port of kn0ck0ut.
lv2fil Four-band parametric equaliser.
mda-lv2 LV2 port of the popular VST MDA plugins (a few instruments as well).
swh-plugins LV2 version of the popular LADSPA collection with various plugins.
TalentedHack Pitch correction derived from Autotalent.
Teliasopia Various plugins, including filters and dynamic processors.
Vocoder Vocoder.
VocProc Vocal pitch shifting, vocoding, pitch correction, and harmonizing.
balance.lv2 Stereo balance control w/ delaylines, input channel conditioner.
QMidiArp Arpeggiator.


Project Description
K-Meter A K-System meter according to Bob Katz' specifications.
traKmeter Loudness meter for correctly setting up tracking and mixing levels.
meters.lv2 Large collection of IEC, ITU, EBU,.. standard meters.


Project Description
ll-plugins Several synth and utility plugins and a GUI-capable host.
Moony Rapid prototyping of event plugins in Lua.
NASPRO Bridges from LADSPA and DSSI to LV2.
midifilter.lv2 Collection of MIDI event filter/processors.
Tuna.lv2 Musical instrument tuner.
Simple-Scope Professional audio oscilloscope.
MIDI Trigger Detects peaks in audio input and generates MIDI notes to output (useful for drums retriggering).


Project Description
Ardour A professional quality DAW with support for LV2 effects and instruments.
Audacity Software for recording and editing sounds.
Carla Powerful audio plugin host.
Ecasound Multitrack command line audio editor and processor.
FreeADSP MIDI-controlled real-time stereo effect rack.
Guitarix Tube emulation amplifier with effect rack.
Ingen Modular audio environment.
Jalv Command-line Jack host.
LinuxSampler Free, streaming audio sampler with professional grade features.
lv2file Applies LV2 effects from the command line.
LV2proc Simple command line effect processor.
QTractor Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer.
REAPER Digital Audio Workstation.
Traverso Multitrack audio recorder and editor.
Synthclone Tool for creating sample-based instruments.
pd-lv2plugin LV2 hosting PureData external.
pure-lang A modern functional programming language with LV2 support.
Zrythm DAW focusing on usability with support for LV2 plugins.

Developer Tools

Project Description
Lilv C library for LV2 hosts.
LV2 Toolkit C++ wrappers of LV2 APIs.
Permafrost DSP language whose compiler generates LV2 plugins.
Sherlock Atom/MIDI event visualizer as development/debugging tool.
Torture Utility for checking LV2 plugins for denormals and data corruption.