Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CLV2_AtomThe header of an atom:Atom
 CLV2_Atom_DoubleAn atom:Double
 CLV2_Atom_EventThe header of an atom:Event
 CLV2_Atom_Event.timeTime stamp
 CLV2_Atom_FloatAn atom:Float
 CLV2_Atom_ForgeA "forge" for creating atoms by appending to a buffer
 CLV2_Atom_Forge_FrameA stack frame used for keeping track of nested Atom containers
 CLV2_Atom_IntAn atom:Int or atom:Bool
 CLV2_Atom_LiteralAn atom:Literal
 CLV2_Atom_Literal_BodyThe body of an atom:Literal
 CLV2_Atom_LongAn atom:Long
 CLV2_Atom_ObjectAn atom:Object
 CLV2_Atom_Object_BodyThe body of an atom:Object
 CLV2_Atom_Object_QueryA single entry in an Object query
 CLV2_Atom_PropertyAn atom:Property
 CLV2_Atom_Property_BodyThe body of an atom:Property (typically in an atom:Object)
 CLV2_Atom_SequenceAn atom:Sequence
 CLV2_Atom_Sequence_BodyThe body of an atom:Sequence (a sequence of events)
 CLV2_Atom_StringAn atom:String
 CLV2_Atom_TupleAn atom:Tuple
 CLV2_Atom_URIDAn atom:URID
 CLV2_Atom_VectorAn atom:Vector
 CLV2_Atom_Vector_BodyThe body of an atom:Vector
 CLV2_DescriptorPlugin Descriptor
 CLV2_EventAn LV2 event (header only)
 CLV2_Event_BufferA buffer of LV2 events (header only)
 CLV2_Event_FeatureNon-POD events feature
 CLV2_Event_IteratorAn iterator over an LV2_Event_Buffer
 CLV2_Extension_Data_FeatureThe data field of the LV2_Feature for this extension
 CLV2_Lib_DescriptorDescriptor for a plugin library
 CLV2_Log_LogLog feature (LV2_LOG__log)
 CLV2_Log_LoggerLogger convenience API state
 CLV2_Options_InterfaceInterface for dynamically setting options (LV2_OPTIONS__interface)
 CLV2_Options_OptionAn option
 CLV2_Resize_Port_ResizeHost feature to allow plugins to resize their port buffers
 CLV2_State_Free_PathFeature data for state:freePath (LV2_STATE__freePath)
 CLV2_State_InterfaceLV2 Plugin State Interface
 CLV2_State_Make_PathFeature data for state:makePath (LV2_STATE__makePath)
 CLV2_State_Map_PathFeature data for state:mapPath (LV2_STATE__mapPath)
 CLV2_URI_Map_FeatureURI Map Feature
 CLV2_URID_MapURID Map Feature (LV2_URID__map)
 CLV2_URID_UnmapURI Unmap Feature (LV2_URID__unmap)
 CLV2_Worker_InterfacePlugin Worker Interface
 CLV2_Worker_ScheduleSchedule Worker Host Feature
 CLV2UI_DescriptorA plugin UI
 CLV2UI_Idle_InterfaceUI Idle Interface (LV2_UI__idleInterface)
 CLV2UI_Peak_DataPeak data for a slice of time, the update format for ui:peakProtocol
 CLV2UI_Port_MapFeature to map port symbols to UIs
 CLV2UI_Port_SubscribeFeature to subscribe to port updates (LV2_UI__portSubscribe)
 CLV2UI_Request_ValueA feature to request a new parameter value from the host
 CLV2UI_ResizeFeature/interface for resizable UIs (LV2_UI__resize)
 CLV2UI_Show_InterfaceUI Show Interface (LV2_UI__showInterface)
 CLV2UI_TouchA feature to notify the host that the user has grabbed a UI control