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 LV2The LV2 specification
 AtomA generic value container and several data types
 ForgeAn API for constructing LV2 atoms
 UtilitiesUtilities for working with atoms
 Buffer SizeAccess to, and restrictions on, buffer sizes
 LV2 CoreCore LV2 specification
 Data AccessAccess to plugin extension_data() for UIs
 Dynamic ManifestSupport for dynamic data generation
 EventGeneric time-stamped events
 Instance AccessAccess to the LV2_Handle of a plugin for UIs
 LogInterface for plugins to log via the host
 LoggerConvenience API for easy logging in plugin code
 MIDIDefinitions of standard MIDI messages
 MorphPorts that can dynamically change type
 OptionsInstantiation time options
 ParametersCommon parameters for audio processing
 PatchMessages for accessing and manipulating properties
 Port GroupsMulti-channel groups of LV2 ports
 Port PropertiesVarious port properties
 PresetsPresets for plugins
 Resize PortDynamically sized LV2 port buffers
 StateAn interface for LV2 plugins to save and restore state
 TimeProperties for describing time
 User InterfacesUser interfaces of any type for plugins
 UnitsUnits for LV2 values
 URI MapA feature for mapping URIs to integers
 URIDFeatures for mapping URIs to and from integers
 WorkerSupport for non-realtime plugin operations